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COWTEC® technology is a proven technology that originates from Bangkok, Thailand. COWTEC® technology offers companies a realistic means of dealing with a wide variety of organic wastes streams such as food, kitchen, garden and yard wastes for sustainable environmental initiatives. Due to its flexible engineering requirements and affordable cost, various COWTEC® technologies have already been successfully applied for more than 10 years on city wide or regional basis at rural communities and suburban areas

Your Recyclable Organic Wastes

food wastes

Comprises of rice, noodles, meat, vegetables, fruits and so on

garden wastes

Comprises of leafs, grasses, shredded trees and so on

What COWTEC® can produces from your wastes?


It is a wonderful product to moisturize your soil for absorbing the nutrients effectively


Biogas can be used directly for cooking purpose or to generate electricity

Frequently asked questions

Currently we are serving both public and private sectors who strongly contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility in food waste recycling

It works perfectly for leafy vegetables and garden. It has proven that the leafs are greener

It works more effective for soil conditioning purpose as the microorganism are still active after produced from COWTEC®

CH GREEN is proud to introduce the COWTEC® Composting & Biogas Production Machine, a mobile, compact system, with a simple design that makes it is easy to assemble and install. The system can be setup and ready for use within a few hours, allowing owners to immediately start managing waste streams in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner, allowing for considerable long-term financial savings.

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